Media Questions

Questions for interviews:

Your previous books (Opening Minds, Black Swan Ghosts) were about remote viewing, crop circles, and UFOs. How did you get interested in Bigfoot?

How is social stigma related to paranormal topics like Bigfoot encounters and UFOs?

What are some of the psychological defense mechanisms people have with these topics?

Why do we see some of the same weird electromagnetic effects in Bigfoot encounters and crop circles?

What’s the connection between cold fusion and cryptid research?

What is truth about cold fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR)?

What is coherent matter and how is it related to paranormal topics?

Why are ball lightning and orbs seen around Bigfoot sightings.

Why are UFOs seen around Bigfoot hotspots?

More Talking Points

Sudden temperature changes around bigfoot, orbs, and UFOs

Is the Hitchhiker Effect for real? Or is it something else?

The Spooky Aharanov-Bohm Effect

How Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem relates to Bigfoot

A midwestern US town that completely lost all electrical devices and power for an entire day

The connection between the Fifth State of Matter and ball lightning

Strange space-time anomalies experienced around bigfoot creatures

How weird gravitational effects are caused by ball lightning

Unexplained camera and battery failure around cryptids and crop circles

Why a Pentagon Program called AAWSAP did research at Skinwalker Ranch

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